At NoRahTech, We think building great companies is both simple and difficult.

We work closely with our start-ups to identify the right product and market, and to validate it quickly, adapting the start up to what we discover. NoRahTech Capital will not only help you validate your ideas and concepts, but will also help you in the development of your application/product by introducing and if need be completely managing the application/software/machinery procuration process from suppliers all around the world. You are no longer restrained by what is available in your area! NoRahTech Capital’s reach is truly global.

Each team receives $10K to $100K of funding in exchange for 10% to 45% equity in your company 1. For a selected few we also offer compensation package of up to $1000 per month for the principals in salary so that they can focus 100% on ensuring that their ideas are realised and implemented successfully.



We are mainly focussed on web and mobile applications as well as micro manufacturers. Do you have an idea that you believe in? That you are passionate about? Send us an application with you idea and if chosen you will be invited to our next Pitch Day where you can present your ideas to our team of experts.


1 Funding will be subject to compliance with applicable national (Canadian) and international laws and in particular, compliance with sanctions related legislation.