How do we apply to NorahTech startup fudning/accelerator program?

You can apply to our program through our application page.

What kind of companies/Startups do you invest in?

We are primarily focused on mobile computing, mobile gamming, E-Commerce and cloud computing, and Micro Manufacturing.

Given the nature of our operations the ideal companies/start-ups for our program would be those who require foreing expertise and capital to implement their ideas, two areas that NoRahTech is ideally suited to fulfill.

Is there a time limit to how long NoRatech supports each chosen startup/Company?

Unlike other start-ups accelerators we do not place a time limit in our involvement with our partners. NoRatech will support its partners until its assistance is no longer required or if it is deemed that the project is no longer considered feasible.

What distinguishes NoRahTech from other startup accelerators/Investment firms?

Unlike other start-ups we offer our partners an international group of investors and mentors which means that we are able to procure any kind of expertise and equipment required on a global level. We are not limited to a geographical area when it comes to products and services. Furthermore our programs are not time limited. NoRahTech will support its partner for as long as it takes!

What if a chosen startup/Company requires more funding to grow once the initial launch has taken place?

NoRahTech will continue to support you in expanding your business. With over 50 investors Noratech and its investors are always looking for increased opportunity in the marketplace. There is not limit to the amount of support that NoRahTech will provide its partners.

What is a “pitch day”? And what can applicants expect on that day?

Once your team has passed the preliminary screening phase of our program, you and your team will be invited to present and discuss your business idea with a panel of our experts, during which you will be asked to answer specific questions regarding you project. This is the final Phase of our selection process once completed; you will be advised if you and your team have been selected for our funding and mentorship program.

Each team is allocated one hour to present and answer any questions that our panel might have.