About Us


NoRahTech will help your start-up increase traction, secure partnerships, and get to revenue faster, all in an effort to help you raise follow-on funding. We provide financial support, experienced consultants and managers, and top executives, all to help you accelerate the success of your start-up.

What’s all the hype about? Every year; only a few prospects are chosen to present their ideas in front of our expert investors.

How do I get in? The selection process is all about the people. We take a lot of care in choosing the smartest and most resourceful, dedicated, and passionate people we can find. If you’re serious about getting in, sell yourself as much as you sell your business.

What happens after I get in? Upon selection, you will receive up to $100K of financing in exchange for equity in your company.

If selected you’ll pitch your idea at one of our conferences before an audience of investors, and experienced consultants in efforts to secure financing and expertise for your startup on Pitch Day.

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